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About Pearl Jewelry Designer Nancy McGraw

Pearls are majestic art forms born of nature. They evoke a certain elegance and stately beauty that is a marvel to behold. It is this beauty that inspires me to create jewelry that perfectly represents the awe-inspiring loveliness of

simply gorgeous pearls.

Just for Pearls offers high quality pearls at affordable prices. We feature an eclectic range of beautiful pearls in various shapes, sizes and colors that illustrates the rich diversity of these priceless treasures. We craft one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that feature hand selected pearls.

In our pearl jewelry pieces, you'll discover stunning pearl necklaces, pretty pearl bracelets,

classic earrings, awesome pearl rings, and glorious pearl soap.


Have you ever wondered where a pearl comes from? Have you pondered the composition of the pretty, iridescent little ball that seems to glow next to your skin? The more you know, the more you begin to appreciate the natural beauty and wonderful quality of our simply gorgeous pearls.


My goal for Just for Pearls, is to provide high-quality pearls at affordable prices.

I am very proud to offer beautiful pearls in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors that highlight the natural beauty of pearls; these marvelous things are Earth's organic gem. They are created within living creatures and shaped by their environment, which makes them all the more precious and unique.

Traveling around the world, I work tirelessly to hand-select thousands of pearls with unsurpassed beauty. Purchasing pearls directly from the pearl farmer's daughter enables us to offer amazing prices to our customers without sacrificing quality.

Because Just for Pearls is committed to excellence in pearl quality and customer service, we have countless happy customers who provide us with the best form of advertising - -word of mouth!

All the best,

Nancy McGraw

Certified Pearl Specialist

 ~ Artist, Owner, Designer, Adventurer ~ Just for Pearls

Nancy McGraw - Owner and Designer of Just for Pearls
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